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Prof. Meawad Mohammed ElKholy

President of New Mansoura University


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About our University
Welcome to New Mansoura University

The university is considered one of the generation of smart universities, and it adopts various programs that take into account the current and future labor markets locally, regionally, and globally, and works to provide the opportunity for its graduates to compete for future jobs.

The University has a board of trustees, formed of fifteen members of senior scientists, specialized professors, experts, public figures and representatives of the industrial and service sectors of society. They were selected for the first time by the Minister of Higher Education and added to them a representative of the government chosen by the minister in charge of higher education, for a period of four years..

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Why New Mansoura University
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The University aims at global competition in the field of science and technology, the development of culture, the preservation of the Egyptian identity, and the strengthening of ties with Arab and African countries, through the provision of higher education that supports innovation and creates a generation capable of leading regionally and globally.

Designing educational programs that meet the needs of the current and future labour market locally, regionally, and internationally.

Adoption of international quality standards that develop the student's abilities and allow him/her to acquire work skills and foster his/her lifelong learning.

Provide an environment conducive to the implementation of applied scientific research, which contributes to the design of Egyptian products with high quality.

The selection of students through a clear and transparent system, which allows the selection of the most appropriate calibers and seeks to attract those who wish to learn.


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