Graduates are expected to:

  • Full knowledge of the condition of the patient and how to evaluate, diagnose and refer the case to the exact specialization.
  • The graduate must be fully aware of the treatment plan for each case.
  • The graduates should have full knowledge of communication skills and team working to prevent oral diseases and to proceed and improve oral and public health in the community.
  • Graduates must be familiar with the methods of prevention and management of oral and dental emergency treatment.
  • Prevention and emergency management in the oral and dental field.
  • The graduate of the program will be able to diagnose and restored damaged teeth and perform esthetic operations.
  • The graduate must be proficient in the prosthetic treatment that includes the insertion, removal and implantation of teeth.
  • Treatment of gingival, mucosal, and oral bony diseases.
  • Collect diagnostic information for the treatment planning and perform of simple oral operations.
  • The graduate must be fully aware of all the professional ethics governing the relationship with the patient and regulating the rules of practice profession.
  • The graduate must be fully aware of all methods utilized to prevent infection and the transmission of it to patients or to the doctor’s staff, assistants and laboratory technicians. The graduate must be fully aware of patient caring systems, including the application of all scientific rules and following all effective procedures in dealing with the patient needs and requests.