New Mansoura University signs a protocol to provide various services to students, faculty members and university employees with the National Bank of Egypt

09 July 2022

New Mansoura University signed a protocol for electronic collection services for student expenses through cooperation between the university and the National Bank
With the aim of strengthening the partnership and serving the university students in order to provide them with a safe banking environment and banking services with ease and ease to achieve facilities for students, faculty members, the supporting staff and administrators in the banking fields. The signing of the protocol comes within the framework of implementing the state’s plan and in line with spreading the culture of financial inclusion, expanding the field of electronic collection via the Internet, activating electronic payment and collection services, and in order to facilitate students and all members of the new Mansoura University by providing electronic collection machines and a rapid response code (QR) code to pay university expenses for students Payment services through the Internet through the Al-Ahly Bank portal to pay university expenses for students, signing a government payments contract for major companies (CPS) taxes, customs and insurances for the university, employee salary contract for transferring university employee salaries, ACH bank transfers for university transfers, and a contract The collection of tuition fees through Al-Ahly company is possible.