Welcome to the Faculty of Dentistry at New Mansoura University, where we believe in an exceptional and unconventional educational experience. New Mansoura University is an outstanding choice to get dental education and prepare for a successful career. It is one of the "fourth generation universities", which highlights scientific research, innovative learning strategies, and hands-on experience. We want our students to have an inspiring experience to contribute significantly to quality patient-centered healthcare, their community engagement, and scientific achievement.

The tremendous developments that the dental profession is currently witnessing require continuous follow-up in search of the desired development in the educational process of the college through reviewing the best international practices and then applying them in the curricula, which ensures that the college achieves its full scientific and national goals.

The Faculty of Dentistry, New Mansoura University, thanks to the huge capabilities and distinguished leaders, represents a sincere will to prepare a distinguished dentist. I invite all of you, my students, to come and visit the college to discover what it means to be a student at the Faculty of Dentistry, New Mansoura University. As I invite you to learn and strive, I also invite you to participate in student activities and practice your hobbies, and we will all work as one family within the college and university.

Best wishes for a successful academic year.


Prof. Essam Al-Wakeel

Dean, Faculty of Dentistry






Seeking excellence and uniqueness in Dentistry locally, regionally and internationally in education, scientific research, and community service


  • The Faculty of Dentistry, university of New Mansoura aims at preparing dentists who are highly equipped with knowledge, and both the practical and technical potentials and skills required for the main purpose of serving the local, the regional, the international communities.
  • Moreover, the university aims at raising the awareness of oral health care among the community members. Furthermore, the university is committed to serve its community by providing it with recognized ethically and professionally developed grads.
  • Accordingly, the university provides its grads with a super educational service through hiring an excellent staff and using the best educational and therapeutically learning technologies.

Strategic Objectives

  • Preparing a dentist with capability of critical thinking
  • Promoting students’ performance according to the prospect of scientific promotion.
  • Establishing a base for research work in the health care in dentistry.
  • Offering a good patients’ services
  • Civic engagement by organizing the campaigns for treating and orientation.

Advantages of Medicine & Surgery Program

Job Opportunities

  • General Dentist
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Conservative Dentist
  • Oral & Maxillofacial prosthodontist
  • Oral Radiologist
  • Periodontist
  • Orthodontist

Scientific Departments

  • Oral Biology -Dental Anatomy - Oral Pathology - Dental x-ray

  • Removable Prosthodontics - Fixed prosthodontics - Dental Biomaterials – Stomatology - Digital Dentistry - Esthetics Dentistry

  • Operative Dentistry - Endodontics

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.- Local and General Anesthesia.- Tissue engineering and bone augmentation

  • Orthodontics – Pedodontics - Preventive and community Dentistry

  • Oral Medicine – Periodontics - Oral Diagnosis - Laser in Dentistry - Infection control in Dentistry