Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, New Mansoura University

The College of Medicine is considered one of the colleges of the new generation that provides advanced interactive education, based on the use of the latest technologies in integrative medical education based on the study of medical problems and early exposure to clinical training from the first years of study.

The educational process in the college is characterized by the presence of a sophisticated infrastructure of auditoriums and classrooms equipped with modern technological techniques, as well as the presence of laboratories equipped with the latest laboratory equipment and simulators in all medical specialties.

The college is keen to have its doctors trained at a global level, with an advanced hospital to train students to enter the labor market and serve the community around them.

The college is keen to follow up students academically using advanced educational platforms that enable the student to know his academic progress, improve weaknesses, and develop personal and academic skills. The college also makes local and international agreements to ensure that students acquire skills that qualify them to excel in the medical field in Egypt and abroad. The college pays great attention to scientific research and trains students on its tools, to be one of the locomotives of scientific progress in Egypt and the region.

We are pleased to have you accepted to the Faculty of Medicine, New Mansoura University

And our doors are always open to you, do not hesitate to come to us in any problem you encounter.


Prof. Hala Al-Marsafawi

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine