• The President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Decree No. 437 of 2020 was issued to establish a private university in the name of "New Mansoura University", which has a legal personality and does not aim for profit. Its headquarters will be in New Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate
  • New Mansoura University is a public educational facility of a special nature that legally represented by its President. The University conducts its activities pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Regulation of Private and National Universities promulgated by Law No. 12 of 2009, its executive by-law and other relevant laws.
  • The university aims at global competition in the field of science and technology, the development of culture, the preservation of the Egyptian identity and the strengthening of ties with Arab and African countries, and through the provision of higher education that supports innovation and creates a generation capable of leading regionally and globally.
  • The university is considered one of the generation of smart universities, and it adopts various programs that take into account the current and future labor markets locally, regionally and globally, and works to provide the opportunity for its graduates to compete for future jobs.
  • The University awards a Diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Doctoral degree.
  • The University has a board of trustees, formed of fifteen members of senior scientists, specialized professors, experts, public figures and representatives of the industrial and service sectors of society. They were selected for the first time by the Minister of Higher Education and added to them a representative of the government chosen by the minister in charge of higher education, for a period of four years.
  • The President of the University was appointed for four years by a decision of the Board of Trustees, after  the approval of the Minister of Higher Education, among the top three selected by a specialized committee on which a decision was issued by the Minister of Higher Education. The aforementioned committee examines the documents provided by the applicants and ranks them, in line with a public advertisement published in the domestic, regional and international academic community.
  • The President of the University is responsible for administrating the technical and administrative work of the University and implementing the research and study objectives and plans set for the University. The President shall have one or more vice-presidents to assist him/her with the assigned tasks.
  • The University is a non-profit university and it shall be financially supported by the State in order to reduce the fiscal deficit that may occur during the first years of study and until it becomes capable of maintaining its functions. The financial surplus, if attained, shall be redirected to the balance sheet of the University in order to develop the University, enhance its education and research efficiency, serve the community and environment, foster students, and finance achievement scholarships for exceptional students
  • The funds of the University are public funds that are monitored by the Central Accounting Agency.
  • The appointment of the university is through contracting and not permanent employment and according to the internal regulations of the university.
  • The university has an internal by-law, which it works with after it was  approved by the Board  of Trustees.
  • The University is to be treated as a governmental university with regards to dealing with public councils and professional syndicates

Academic form

  • The University is composed of the faculties and institutes prescribed in the Presidential Decree establishing the same. The University may, after approval of the University Council and the Board of Trustees, establish other faculties and institutes pursuant to the legal procedures followed. A dean shall be appointed to preside over each faculty or institute and shall be liable for the scientific and administrative affairs of the faculty or institute.
  • Each faculty or institute shall include scientific departments comprising relative concentrations. The scientific department shall propose the courses within its scope of specialization. The Board shall include laboratories that serve the courses proposed by the department and used in implementing scientific research. Each scientific department shall have a head of department that is responsible for the scientific and administrative affairs of such department.
  • Courses are proposed by the competent scientific department as per the study program requirements.
  • The study by-laws of the University, along with its amendments, are issued on consideration by the University Council and after the approval by the Board of Trustees and a decree by the Minister of Higher Education.
  • The University proposes study programs appropriate for the labor market, to be revised each year for assessment.
  • Studying at the University is conducted under the Credit Hour System. Graduation is based on the fulfillment of all the graduation requirements as per the internal by-law.
  • Students may change their specialization and the courses they successfully passed are included among the study requirements of the specialization the student is transferred to.
  • Students may study two majors after fulfilling the graduation requirements pursuant to the resolutions of the University in this regard.
  • Students may study a major and a minor after fulfilling the graduation requirements pursuant to the resolutions of the University in this regard.
  • Student transfer from other universities shall be conducted after approving the scientific exchange, taking into consideration that no more than half of the credit hours for graduation may be included in his/her GPA of courses studied by the student only in the university.
  • The new Mansoura University is located east of the first phase of the new city of Mansoura on an area of 127 acres.

  • The University is composed of the following faculties & institutes:

  1. Faculty of Business
  2. Faculty of International Legal Transactions
  3. Faculty of Textile Science & Engineering
  4. Faculty of Engineering
  5. Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering
  6. Faculty of Science
  7. Field of Medicine
  8. Faculty of Dental Medicine
  9. Faculty of Pharmacy
  10. Faculty of Social & Human Sciences
  11. Faculty of Mass Media & Communication
  12. Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology
  13. Faculty of Nursing
  14. Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • It also includes the administration building and the conference center - its central library and student services. university hospital - oral and dental hospital - covered gyms, open courts, gym and open outdoor exhibitionsز
  • mosque area of 500 square meters - residence for students - residence of faculty staff members - parking  service places - green spaces.

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