About The NMU President

Professor Meawad Elkholy

Professor Meawad Elkholy is the first President of New Mansoura University (Sept. 2020). He is the Former President of Menoufia University (2014-2018) and a Professor of Experimental Solid-State Physics at the university's Faculty of Science. He is credited with establishing eight new faculties during his tenure as president of Menoufia University, as well as developing new specializations and programs to meet the needs of the labor market in the fields of renewable energy, engineering, integrated medicine, surgery, computer science, robotics, management, and specialized nursing. His managerial posts have included: Vice President for Education and Student Affairs (2013 2014), Dean of the Faculty of Science (2013), Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs (2010-2013), and Head of the Physics Department (2008-2010). He is Chairman of the Basic Sciences Sector Committee at the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (2014-Now). Professor Elkholy has earned his B.Sc. (1981) with excellent grade, M.Sc. (1987), and Ph.D. (1992) in Physics from the Faculty of Science, Menoufia University. His fields of interest are optical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, and dielectric properties of new solid materials, superconductivity, and thermoluminescence as well as nanoscience and nanotechnology. He has two patents to his name and attained professorship in 2003. He is a quality and accreditation certified expert, and he was a team member for reviewing science faculties and university programs in Egypt and abroad for accreditation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). Professor Elkholy participated in 35 conferences on higher education development, 30 conferences on his field of specialization, in addition to many other conferences on a variety of related topics. He is a peer reviewer for international journals and publishing houses. He gave many public lectures and organized cultural and medical convoys. He participated in scientific missions to England, Spain and Italy. Professor Elkholy won the Education Leadership Award in Africa twice (2015, 2017), the University Award for Excellence in 2010, the University Award for Appreciation in 2020, and the Distinguished Academic Publication Award. He has more than 55 scientific papers published in international journals with high impact factor, more than 800 research citations, and H-index 14 on the Google and Scopus scale. He supervised and examined numerous dissertations in Egypt and abroad and has served on numerous promotion committees. Professor Elkholy is a member of many scientific societies including: the New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Development of Science, the Society for Glass Technology (UK), the Egyptian Society for Solid State Sciences and Applications, the Egyptian Society for Material Research, and the Egyptian Society for Crystallography and its Applications.

Prof. Meawad Elkholy