The Faculty of Textile Science and Engineering seeks to become a pioneer in the field of textile industry in the Middle East by 2030.


The Faculty of Textile Science and Engineering prepares qualified graduates both academically and professionally by providing educational programs that comply with national and international standards to promote the textile industry, meet the needs of local and regional labor market, and contribute to the development of the society.

Strategic Objectives

  • To develop and innovate educational programs that cope with the global developments in the textile industry.
  • To support education and scientific research with effective academic, technological and administrative services.
  • To encourage and support the professional development of academic staff and students.
  • To design undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs that can compete regionally and globally.
  • To promote effective partnership with the society.
  • To use resources optimally and improve performance.
  • To form strategic partnerships with local and global corresponding faculties to exchange technology and research expertise.

Governing Values

The values of the faculty serve as a code of ethics, which must be established by all staff members and followed in all academic and administrative practices. These values provide internal guidelines that organize procedures and practices to realize the strategic objectives. The faculty holds the same ruling values and principles of the university, in addition to the following:

  • Teamwork: The faculty promotes teamwork and mutual respect among team members.
  • Innovation: The faculty supports innovative ideas and activities that address community challenges and issues.
  • Transparency: The faculty ensures transparency in all processes conducted with officials and stakeholders, in order to administer justice and enhance confidence, credibility and institutional accountability.