Application requirements

  1. Accept high school graduates or the equivalent of the science section mathematics (chemistry, physics, advanced sport, sport - English)
  2. For the Egyptian student (accepting high school or its equivalent up to two years from the date of obtaining it).
  3. For a non-Egyptian student (accepting high school or its equivalent up to five years from the date of obtainingit).
  4. Tuition fees for Egyptian students: EGP 69,000
  5. The minimum admission limit is set for each college from the Council of Private and Civil Universities for the academic year 2021/2022
  6. For more on the field and its goals and programs. Click here.



- After reviewing the student's papers and making sure that he meets the requirements of admission to the college to be registered with, an email is sent to the student explaining the date of the entrance exams, attaching a link, password and username of each student, and the entrance exams shall be according to each college and the exam will be online

- Successful students are selected in the entrance examinations and ranked on the basis of a total legal degree with the high school degree and the degree of entrance examinations (percentage of general high school + percentage of entrance examinations) in descending order for admission according to the numbers available in each college.

- Another e-mail is sent to the student by admission in order to deliver his original papers and pay the allowance.