The Faculty of Medicine New Mansoura University adopts the vision of medicine for the service of the community and preparing qualified medical cadres to improve the health care of the surrounding community through the model of the community-based medical faculty which pays more attention to the health problems of the community and gives priority to training in its surrounding environment.


   Preparation of a professional doctor with competitive ability, prepared to identify and deal with the health problems of the surrounding community at the local and regional levels.

Governing Values

We practice our work with the intention of excellence, not just performance, and we always strive to identify and resolve our society's problems, and we seek honesty in everything we do, we strive to achieve equality of rights and balance between right and duty. In the framework of mutual respect, we work together for the benefit of society without neglecting the rights of the individual. We practice these values, and we are keen to provide an example to follow.

Strategic Objectives

  • Make the University a regional center for the implementation and development of outstanding programs of society-based medical education, with the recognition of its graduates at the global level, through partnership with the universities, institutions and centers of excellence in international programs.
  • Prepare cadres in the field of training community health service providers by international standards through partnership with outstanding universities in community-based medical education to implement and develop programs of developing the capacity of faculty members.
  • Upgrade the medical service providers in the field of clinical skills and the latest methods through the Center for Continuing Medical Education and Simulation, and partnership with internationally accredited training centers.
  • Provide medical and therapeutic services to the patients in the local and regional surrounding community in accordance with international standards on academic grounds.
  • Raise the level of health awareness and the provision of medical services in accordance with international standards through partnership with universities, the Ministry of Health and the providers of medical services in the East Delta region.

The Faculty of Medicine achieves its objectives through the activities carried out by the departments of the Faculty, the University Hospital, the Continuous Medical Training and Simulation Center, and its human resources represented by faculty members, students and outstanding graduates. Main Axes of the Continuous Development Plan for the Faculty to Continue Excellence.

For the Faculty of Medicine to keep its excellence in being a leading center for preparation of trained medical cadres with a competitive skill, and also in the field of entrepreneurship for health care projects, requires:

  • Partnering with international universities adopting similar programs.
  • Developing courses periodically in the light of the continuous development of medical 
  • Introducing postgraduate interdisciplinary programs in the field of managing medical projects and marketing health services in partnership with outstanding universities in these fields.
  • Expand partnerships with donors to participate in health service projects.
  • Communicate continuously with the beneficiaries of the service to see their changing requirements, and to check the appropriate graduates for the tasks entrusted to them.