• What is the official name of the university?

The name is the New Mansoura University, and its abbreviated name is NMU.  The university is named New Mansoura city, where the university is located.  It is located on the international coastal road of the Daqahliya governorate on the Mediterranean.


  • Tell me about the quality of education at NMU

All programs at NMU adhere to the highest international academic standards in research and education to address the needs of the local, regional, and global labor markets.  All programs reflect designs of academic expert teams with international experience implementing the highest unwavering standards.


  • Will there be extracurricular activities?

The university promotes extracurricular activities as part of building multifaceted character for all students.  There will be a sports complex that houses a stadium and a fully equipped gymnasium when construction is completed.  Additionally, the university will support cultural and scientific activities where students can pursue their extracurricular interests.  Furthermore, the university will promote competitions in sports and other cultural activities, e.g., poetry, music, etc.

  • What about the academic staff?

In building its academic capacity, the university has set the highest standards in selecting faculty members known in their respective fields both as educators and researchers of international standing.  The university has attracted professors currently working in American, British, or European universities or those who hold international doctorates with international research output.  The university focuses on research-led teaching. It has put a concerted effort in selecting faculty members who are active in research and possess the pedagogical tools to promote research in the classroom.

Moreover, the university is currently building a network of international institutions in the UK, US, and Canada to promote excellence in teaching and research through faculty and student exchanges.

  • Will the university have international collaborations?

Currently, the university is in negotiations with several universities in the UK, US, and Canada.  The outcome of such agreements is to provide agreements for student exchanges, dual/joint degrees, and research collaborations, among others.  Because international partnership is integral to its activities, the "Vice President for International Cooperation" position has been created to manage such partnerships.

  • What majors will the university have?

As a smart university, NMU will host many traditional and nontraditional specialties to address society's current and future demands in Egypt and elsewhere.  While some of the faculties within the university have traditional names, they offer modern and competitive programs that will allow its graduates to compete on the local, regional and international landscapes.

The university has the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, offering traditional medical science and using the most modern facilities, including a university hospital and another for dental care.  It also has the faculty of Science addressing the basic science of more contemporary topics

The university also has faculties of Business and International Legal Transactions. 

The university also the faculties for Engineering Sciences and Textile Science and Engineering.

Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics and their engineering counterparts are hosted in the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.  The university website has more details on the faculties and all the programs that the university will offer.

  • Tell me about internship opportunities and employability

Of the university's founding principles is to offer learning experiences to its students that enable them to be lifelong learners capable of competing in the marketplace, local, regionally, and internationally.  Complementing academic learning, the university will create training opportunities for its students in local industries. When international partnerships become available, it will seize every opportunity to enhance the employability of its students and graduates. 

With multinational companies in Egypt, the university intends to forge partnership programs that will afford the students and graduates opportunities for fruitful training and employment.

The university has set in place plans to address internship programs during the summer to allow students opportunities for training and temporary employment.

  • Will assistantships and scholarships be available at NMU?

The university has developed plans to provide full and partial scholarships to students following the regulations established by the Board of Trustees and the University Council.  The university has many protocols with some government banks and donors to provide many scholarships and student assistance.

  • Can you tell me about admissions into the university?

The university put in place plans for early admission, which will be managed by staff who are well trained and will provide accurate information and assistance in case of issues encountered during the admission process.

Early registration will be available on the university website and all pertinent details, including the dates for entrance exams.

  • What do I need to be eligible for admission?

While acceptance is competitive, students who have completed grade 12 or Secondary Education 3rd year (Thanawiyah Ammah) are eligible to apply.

  • What is the language of study at NMU?

English is the language of study in all programs.

  • My Secondary School Certificate is not recent; can I still apply?

Yes.  Students need to adhere to the following two principles:

  1. Admission will follow the requirements of the current year's admission requirements.
  2. The certificate must have been issued no earlier than two (2) years.


  • Can you list all documents required for admission for Egyptian and Arab students?
  1. Original Secondary School certificate with all the required stamps.
  2. Four photos (passport size with a white background).
  3. Original Birth Certificate.
  4. Copy of the National ID for Egyptian students/ Copy of the passport for international students.
  5. Form (Namoozag) 2 Gond and 6 Gond for all male students or 7 Gond, including the military number.
  6. Legal residence document or a passport including entry and exit dates for Arab Thanawiyah Amma applicants or any other high school certificates obtained outside Egypt.
  7. Proof of passing the Arabic Language – Thanawiyah Amma level – for foreign certificates, as applicable.
  8. The original score document of the TOEFL or IELTS certificate, as applicable.
  9. Deposit receipt of tuition fees.


  • Tell me about transportation & accommodation

The university is contracting with bus companies that will facilitate transport for both students and university staff.  The university will announce such services in due time.

The university has enough accommodation to house students and staff.  Such accommodations are currently under construction.  However, in cooperation with the City of New Mansoura, the university will offer housing accommodation for students and staff at the beginning of the new academic year.

  • Will there be medical insurance available?


The university will offer medical insurance to both students and staff.