The launch of student admission tests in private universities at New Mansoura University

20 July 2022

Prof. Dr. Moawad Mohamed El-Khouly, President of New Mansoura University, inspected the university’s admission tests center. It is worth noting that the admission tests are organized under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and this came in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Fathi Moawad, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Mansoura University. The new head of the admission and coordination office for the four private universities.
"Al-Khouli" inspected the laboratory halls and was assured of the progress of students' exams for admission to the New Mansoura University, which was launched today, Tuesday, June 21, and the university president explained that there is unlimited support for private universities from the state in order to prepare a distinguished graduate who is qualified and able to keep pace with the requirements of the local labor market. He pointed out that the Electronic Test Center at New Mansoura University contains 8 computer laboratories with a capacity of 200 devices, a control room, and a data center that contains servers and other important devices. It is noteworthy that the center is equipped with high-speed internet.
Today’s exams at the university were performed by 110 students, and the president of the university and the head of the admission and coordination office for the four private universities concluded the tour with an open meeting with the students’ parents to answer all questions and inquiries about the exams in general, and those of the new Mansoura University in particular.
The President of the University stated that the aim of the admission tests is to measure a set of skills, abilities and areas of knowledge necessary for success, and to assess the student on the extent to which he has mastered a specific set of skills that are considered vital in the field of study to which the student is applying, instead of testing a specific curriculum that is determined for the student, and tests will Admission is a measure of the mastery of basic scientific topics and critical thinking abilities of applicants, and it will not be a repetition of the General Secondary Certificate exam or its equivalent, as the tests are designed in an easy and accessible manner and the main purpose of them is to assess the student’s ability to study the candidate program according to the desires that have been registered.